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Universal Gnostic Fellowship- Member Application

Legal Name  _________________________________________________________

Spiritual or Other Name _________________________________________________

Address  ____________________________________________________________


Email:  ______________________________________________________________

Telephone:  __________________________________________________________

Cell phone:  __________________________________________________________

By signing below I warrant I have completed the Gnostic Lessons and desire to become a member of the UNIVERSAL GNOSTIC FELLOWSHIP.  I am interested in learning more about the following organizations and opportunities available to me as a member of the Church:

______ Intentional Prayer Network
______ Pray For Me Project
______ Order of Mary
______ Modern Essenes
______ Sisters of Julian
______ Order of the Universal Nun
______ Order of the Universal Monk
______ Spiritual Alchemy
______ The Golden Dawn
______ Esoteric Freemasons
______ Temple of the Holy Grail
______ Temple of Gnostic Wisdom
______ Temple of Eternal Light
______ Temple of Mother Earth

______ Becoming Licensed as a Spiritual Health Coach
______ Becoming Ordained as a _____Deacon, _____Minister, or _____ Bishop

I also warrant I am currently ordained and/or consecrated as:

______ A deacon or deaconess      ______ minister, priest or priestess      ______ bishop
(Please enclose documentation to support this if you wish to transfer your credentials to the UNIVERSAL GNOSTIC FELLOWSHIP; or list on the back of this application the churches or organizations that conferred these ordinations and/or consecrations upon you.)

Signature __________________________________________ Date _____________

Mail to: UNIVERSAL GNOSTIC FELLOWSHIP, PO Box 163, Ridgecrest, NC 28770

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