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Gnostic Lessons are offered as a course of study to assist all spiritual travelers in finding and following their own spiritual path. These lessons are designed to help you better understand yourself and the spiritual path you have chosen.

Gnostic Lessons are provided to members of the Universal Gnostic Fellowship so they have a better understanding of both the fellowship and Gnosticism in general. To learn more about becoming a member of the Universal Gnostic Fellowship, visit http://universalgnostic.com.

The Gnostic Lessons are the way in which we teach what is called the Minor Orders. By completing these study materials you will qualify to become ordained as a Server. 

There are seven Gnostic Lessons. The first Gnostic Lesson is a discussion of Gnostiticm. We invite you to take the first free lesson to get a feeling for our approach to Gnosticism.

The Tree of Life is an ancient teaching about how the Divine created everything in the univers and about how you and I create our own lives. It's a wonderful teaching and we invite you to enjoy the first ten lessons for free. The Tree of Life.


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